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Mapping Webots environment with ROSbot XL teleoperation

Mapping Webots environment with ROSbot XL teleoperation

This Vulcanexus SIMULATION use case is a step-by-step guide on how to map a Webots environment with the teleoperation of a ROSbot XL robot from Husarion.

Vulcanexus Iron Release

Vulcanexus Iron Release

Vulcanexus is thrilled to announce the release of the new Vulcanexus Iron Imagination version that supports ROS 2 Iron and brings many new features and tools such as the DDS Record and Replay and the DDS Spy.

Vulcanexus on Snap Store news

Discover the Vulcanexus packages now on the Snap Store

Exciting news! Vulcanexus, the all-in-one toolset for ROS 2, is now in the Snap Store. Snapcraft, the Linux app store, provides a secure and effortless way to install and use Vulcanexus packages. Discover the potential of these open-source ROS2 tools today!

Vulcanexus Humble update

Vulcanexus Humble Update 2.2.0

Vulcanexus releases a new Humble 2.2.0 version that comes with many new features, improvements, and bugfixes of all components. Vulcanexus, the all-in-one ROS 2 tool, is always updated to the latest versions, avoiding manual updates and extra configurations. Keep reading to find out more about all the upgraded components:

AI Robot Wresling with Webots and Vulcanexus

Have you ever heard about AI Robot Wrestling?

Vulcanexus' official partner Cyberbotics offers a never seen Humanoid Robot Wrestling Competition using their top simulation tool Webots.

DDS Middleware Performance Benchmark

eProsima recently undertook a thorough analysis of the main open-source DDS implementations and their performance in terms of latency and throughput.

Vulcanexus is now available on Docker Hub

Vulcanexus Humble docker images are now also available on Docker Hub! Free and open-source.

Webots includes Husarion ROSbot 2R

Vulcanexus partners join hands as Cyberbotics includes the ROSbot 2R by Husarion into its simulation software, Webots.

Vulcanexus Tutorials, Documentation and Videos

What is Vulcanexus? What has Vulcanexus to do with ROS 2? How do the Vulcanexus components work? And are there any Vulcanexus examples?

These are just a few very reasonable questions and the answers are found here...


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