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Vulcanexus YouTube

Vulcanexus on YouTube

Vulcanexus is happy to announce its official YouTube channel.

Vulcanexus CLOUD communication in distributed ROS 2 networks

This use case demonstrates how the Vulcanexus CLOUD component with its ROS 2 Router (also known as DDS Router) enables the communication of two distributed ROS 2 networks based on DDS.

Vulcanexus at the ROSCon 2022 in Japan!

We are proud to announce that the Vulcanexus team is participating in the most important industry event, the ROSCon which will be held at the Kyoto International Conference Center from the 19th to the 21st of October.

Vulcanexus Humble and Galactic update - October

Vulcanexus is pleased to announce its new Galactic and Humble release. Here you will find the latest versions with all the upgraded components and incredible features that will make any developer's work easier than ever before. Discover all the details:


Vulcanexus Update with middleware enhancement!

eProsima announces the new release of Vulcanexus, the ROS 2 based robotics development stack with extended features and capabilities. This updated version includes enhancements to ROS 2 middleware, bringing new capabilities and improvements to Vulcanexus. Find below all the details and improvements in this new version:


Vulcanexus full components update

Vulcanexus presents its latest update, full of new features and fixes for all its components.

Vulcanexus podcast

Learn more about Vulcanexus in the latest ROS Developer’s Podcast, episode 103, by the Construct.

New ROS 2 AI Integration Working Group

Vulcanexus is glad to announce a new ROS 2 AI Integration Working Group!

Vulcanexus update synch

New Vulcanexus Humble Synch

Vulcanexus, the All-in-One ROS 2 tool set, is happy to announce a new release for the easy and personalized development of robotic applications. This updated version includes Webots for robot simulation, the latest Fast DDS 2.6.1 version, and is completely synchronized with ROS 2 Humble. Find below all the details and improvements in this new version:


Open source software stack for the development of robotic applications.

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