Vulcanexus, the All-in-One ROS 2 tool set

Vulcanexus is an open source software stack with top elements to guarantee optimized robot development.

vulcanexus open source software

Breaking down the barriers

Our mission is to break down the entry barriers to the robotics market with a performance-focused ROS 2 All-in-One tool set guaranteeing a fixed middleware implementation.

Focused on the user experience

With elements that complement each other, Vulcanexus creates a unique user experience with no need to waste extra time and effort in configuring all the necessary elements.

vulcanexus open source software
vulcanexus open source software

A tool set extension

Vulcanexus is a 360º solution that provides outstanding network-optimized results. It offers top elements like V-CLOUD, V-MICRO, V-SIMULATION and V-TOOLS for customized robotics development.

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Open source software stack for the development of robotic applications.

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